A Note from the Author: Introverse is a tale of one girl’s travels through an inner universe where she meets ancestors from the past who lived long ago in a world that has disappeared from the earth, but now resides within her.
Meet one of the characters from the Introverse. This is her story in her own words and is not found in the book.

And now…  The Story of Five

Much of my story has already been told to Indigo, but I will give you a little glimpse of who I am. I have been living behind the walls of Paragon Tower for a few years now. I’m what the Supreme Council calls an Invisible. The Paragon Perfection Act is a law that prevents anyone who is not perfect in decorum, beauty, or wealth from living in the Tower except me and a few others. Granted, the wealthy and beautiful need servants, but they prefer not to see how their beds are straightened, their bathrooms are made spotless, and their clothing pressed.

My name was taken away, as is the custom with Invisibles, and I was given a number. Five. No longer a young girl, but numbered like a mark on a tally sheet. I imagine this practice makes them feel better about assigning unfortunates like me to the lowest of jobs in Paragon Tower. I am assigned to serve the Sisters of Paragon, the Chosen ones –the very opposite of me in their beauty and talents.

You would think I would be angry and ungrateful for this indignity, but I’m not. My parents are dead and with a lame leg like mine, surviving in the streets of Seraphim below can be hard. Here, I can hide my imperfection behind the walls. I love the quiet solitude of working alone and, I admit, I eavesdrop sometimes. I hear one Sister, Coral, crying at night.

Once, while cleaning one of the rooms I came upon something wedged way back in a corner on a shelf. It was wrapped in cobwebs and thick with dust. Obviously whoever it belonged to was long gone since the Sisters who live here are required to be young. I pushed the object down into my pocket so I could look at it later in my bunk.

This beautiful antique object would change my life. I’m bursting to tell you what it is, but I would give away the story. Suffice it to say that in the beginning it served as a comfort to me, but later became the catalyst for my freedom and eventually the freedom of others who have suffered under the harsh, unfair practices of the Paragon Perfection Act. I am fairly certain that in Indigo’s hands this object will pull back the curtains of complacency and reveal the truth. Yes, with Indigo’s help it could start a revolution.