How many of us seek out forgiveness from others, when we cannot even forgive ourselves?

Introverse is an allegorical tale of self-discovery and personal acceptance; a place where Indigo finds that the answers to her questions already reside within her. To find this interior universe, she must travel to a place inside her mind that is magically beautiful, mysteriously menacing and holds ancient secrets. Transformation awaits those who dare to enter.


Book Overview

Wake up. This simple text is an invitation that will change Indigo’s young life forever and bring into question everything she believes to be real. She must reclaim the Gift that was taught to her as a child and use it as a key to unlock the Introverse within her. There she must navigate a place both magically beautiful and lethal; the power and beauty of Paragon Tower hides a dark purpose, the Grynwyre Woods harbor bloodthirsty creatures that take wing in the night while anthropomorphic vines emerge from the soil and pull innocent victims beneath the ground. Throughout her journey Indigo forges deep bonds with the people who dwell in this strange world, a handsome archaeologist and his ungainly dog Bones, a girl who must hide her multi-hued skin from the world, and a tall, dark stranger who appears in Indigo’s dreams night after night until she awakens to find that he is all too real.

Indigo discovers that the Introverse is her own internal universe where the past and present
unite to reveal her unique destiny and who, or what, she really is.


What Others Are Saying…

I instantly care about the character because she’s interesting. The daughter, mother and grandmother are all able to travel inward and tap into a vast body of knowledge called the Introverse, also referred to as “the gift.” Indigo is told by Gigi, her grandmother that she must go on a journey into her Introverse to maximize her potential and find her mother. A quest, you say? Yes indeed . . . I’ll give the author this; her writing is descriptive and emotive in that her prose made me feel a bit like I was watching the action in the alternative universe unfold and that I grew to like and care about the characters.
A fantasy adventure. . . The novel shows a lot of creativity. The stories of Coral and Jade Rose are engaging, and the world has a nice feel.

There’s also some really enjoyable banter, especially between Reese and Indigo. Here’s my favorite: “You don’t have to do this for me.” “Don’t worry. I’m doing this for me.” And the way he calls her “mosquito”…priceless.

A captivating fantasy with vivid, memorable scenes and well rounded, colorful characters . . . Introverse has that mixture of wonder and darkness of a Grimm fairy tale.
Indigo has the ‘gift’ of being able to travel to an inner landscape or ‘Introverse’ where adventures are had, friends are made, enemies recognised and life-lessons learned. The writer has created a palpably real world of pseudo-medieval towns, lakes, forests and caves. She inter-mingles the known world with some curious imaginary animals, fruits and phenomena; there is no doubt that the Introverse is a vibrantly interesting, exciting and intriguing place to be. I think YA lovers of fantasy will lap this up.
The settings are beautifully rendered. I feel like I’m right there with the characters. Great story, with a message that rings true.
A new fantasy series to be checked out! If you are looking for a new fantasy series be sure to check this one out. Readers will cheer on Indigo as she travels through the Introverse seeking forgiveness and better understanding of her own life and motivations. While I like all the secondary characters, my favourite might be Jade.

Meet the Main Characters of Introverse

Indigo is smart, stubborn, and totally lost since a tragic car accident took her mother’s life. Loss and guilt have taken their toll on Indigo; she’s alienated her friends, can’t concentrate in school, and takes care of a father whose grief has turned him into a ghost of himself. Indigo pines for the days when everything was perfect — before the accident. She’s reluctantly torn from her passive life and thrown into a world where she is forced to find her inner strength and use her gift in order to survive the trials and joys that compel her to leave behind who she thought she was and transform into who she was always meant to be.

Coral lives only in the Introverse because her lifespan ended centuries ago. She was born in the affluent city of Seraphim, cursed with skin that contains every hue of the rainbow in a town where every living thing has been bleached of all color. Her parents spare her life in spite of the harsh law of the Paragon Perfection Act that condemns all newborns with birth defects to extermination. Coral is an outcast who lives in the shadows, but covets the glamorous lives of the beautiful Sisters of Paragon, until she is exposed and put on trial for her life. The shocking verdict handed down by the Supreme Council changes Coral’s life and the destiny of all who live in Paragon Tower and Seraphim.

Amber is thought to be a somewhat of a myth. But she is real and continues to exist in the Introverse. Born to a Mynoltz father and a Seraphim mother, she witnessed and survived the extermination of her tribe. She was sent to live with her mother’s brother, her Uncle Haz, who beat her for the sins of her mother. The people of Wyndara try to break her will, but her spirit is strong because of her belief in the holy light of Gleah where all life begins and ends in joy. Her only refuge is writing to her missing parents in a journal she fashioned from wrapping paper. Her uncle catches her writing out in the woods one day, and threatens to destroy the book. Full of fear, Amber runs blindly into the forest where she is captured by clinging vines and pulled beneath the soil to the underground dwelling of the elusive Lacooans. While trapped below the ground, her legend begins.

Jade Rose is a shy, sweet girl and gifted baker who dwells only in the Introverse. Her delicious confections are legendary, drawing people from miles away to the little bakery her parents own in the sleepy town of Ansett. But, her tomboy traits and towering height have made her invisible to the boys and girls who are pairing off and leaving her a spinster. She’s a romantic who dreams of finding someone to who’ll love her, body and soul. But she doesn’t find him. He finds her and meets her night after night beneath the starry skies and towering pines. This dark stranger promises her marriage and steals her away from her family. He takes her to live in his mansion, but there’s a catch. She must never tell her parents where she is. Jade Rose makes the choice to stay and marry him. Her devotion is put to the test when he returns home one night and reveals his darkest secret.

Reese is a young, handsome archeologist with a dry wit and an overly affectionate giant of a dog called Bones who assists Indigo in her search to find her mother in the Introverse. Intrigued by her resemblance to the ancient Lacooans, he agrees to accompany her in hope that he’ll discover a survivor of the lost tribe. At first he’s annoyed with Indigo’s constant questions and labels her “Mosquito”, but love begins to grow as they travel through the landscape of the Introverse together until destiny comes between them.

About Jeanine

I write; to inspire, to entertain, to light a fire within. I hope my stories will take you places you’ve never dreamed of—or perhaps you have—because each of my tales has a little bit of you in it, and hopefully that glimpse of yourself in a different light will inspire you to begin writing the story you want to live. But it wasn’t always this way. I was inspired to change by this sentence.

Rewrite your destiny.

I’m Jeanine Lipp, author, art educator, and artist who lives in the natural beauty and breathtaking grandeur of the Pacific Northwest and writes fiction that inspires others to seek out the wisdom of their own heart, remain open to serendipitous opportunities, and to follow their dreams. Is that you?