J.R. Tolkein wrote this is a great poem that speaks to that which soars far beyond our limited judgments and assessments of occurrences and stages of life . . .

. . . All that is gold, does not glitter: All that is of worth does not have only one particular sheen. Some of it is murky, dark, mysterious, even seemingly the opposite of gold. Yet, it is positioned within a phase of its process that could we understand, would reveal the strength and rhythms that have made up its course, never truly changing its value. True gold is recognition of beauty in all of its phases and cycles. We would realize it is not the gold that is dull, but our own recognition of the beauty held in all cycles of process. Even moments in which we feel our weakest, our substance is still gold, but in a different light.

Not all those who wander are lost: What is lost, is to be bound and imprisoned by having your own unique largess pushed into contours of echoes, corralled along the beaten pathways of life. What victory to break free, to trust one’s self to venture off into the unknown unburdened by the weight, pressure, and threat of ‘doing something wrong’ for not following the herd. if even without direction, it is to be found again, freed again to create one’s own path and direction. It is to follow one’s own heart. It is not to have to know, but to have the courage to be an innocent within an intelligent Consciousness of life and be taken care of via our connection with it. To be free to wander off the beaten path can be the evidence of great strength, vision, insight and courage. To see one ‘wandering’ metaphorically, most think that one is somehow lost, when the truth is, the real person was finally found. Not all who wander are lost.

The old that is strong does not wither
deep roots are not reached by the frost: True strength only increases with time. It takes on new appearances. Its presence is not diminished. Truth is unchanging. That which is of lasting strength and value cannot be altered by the seasons of life, the cycles, the endless changing of the waves takes nothing from the depth of the ocean. What may appear on the outside to be weakened by change or age, cannot give truthful report of that within that is still ablaze and whole. We must learn not to be fooled by appearances.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king: The truest life and power of a thing is never diminished. Seeming appearance of change is merely cycles of appearance. All cycles of life are empowered by the same effulgent, undiminished life force, the same wholeness of Consciousness. It is only appearance that changes. And it is in the appearance that seems most devoid of strength, life and hope, that the simplest effect can reveal the truth and renew its essence through new cycles of expression. All of life is cycles of birth, sustenance transition and renewal.

This speaks to the seed of renewal that lies in waiting within empowered by knowing of its perfect time to ignite. Life is a thriving, a celebration of its unconquerable essence and power of being.

Love sharing this with you my friends,

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