I have been asked how I was inspired to write a Frame novel due to the fact that my story includes three separate tales involving Indigo’s ancestors as she meets each one in the Introverse; in other words, a story within a story. I became enamoured with this type of storytelling through reading “Cloud Atlas” by David Mitchell and “People of the Book” by Geraldine Brooks.

I’ve always loved the perfect economy of words that is necessary to write a great short story, but to see several of these gems seamlessly interwoven as separate tales of characters who are connected by spirituality or history resonated with me. Each of us has a tale, some seem too dark and difficult to share — but when we are brave enough to bring them out into the light, we find that others have experienced the same pain and struggle. Within this Framework we call life, we are all connected, we all are here to learn the same lessons and gather strength from each other as we travel through this journey. This theme became the genesis of Introverse.