About Jeanine

I write to inspire, to entertain, to light a fire within. I hope my stories will take you places you’ve never dreamed of—or perhaps you have—because each of my tales has a little bit of you in it, and hopefully that glimpse of yourself in a different light will inspire you to begin writing the story you want to live.

fun facts

  • By day, I write allegorical stories rooted in fairytales that inspire others to seek out their gifts and use them to create a life based on their passion. But, by night my guilty pleasure is reading and writing Horror Flash Fiction and Thriller Novels. I love to cozy up under the covers and read a spine tingling tale while the rain pelts against my windowpane. Or write about something quite ordinary that becomes extraordinary with a dark twist. Yes, I’m a night person.
  • I meditate every morning, opening my mind and heart, gearing myself up for another day of pouring out my imagination on paper. With the help of meditation, my books freely write themselves.
  • I’ve found inspiration for my stories in the most unusual places: from an old memory of hiding from my sister in a closet to kayaking with my husband on Portage Bay, and once, while waiting in an airport and watching a mother hurry by with a screaming toddler in her arms. I observe my family, friends, students, and strangers. So watch out, you never know when the muse will strike me.
  • I live with my spouse, Dream Guy (an Archaeologist — mild mannered and completely ethical Indiana Jones who now works from home) and two adorable dachshunds, my emotional support writing partners.