About Jeanine

I write; to inspire, to entertain, to light a fire within. I hope my stories will take you places you’ve never dreamed of—or perhaps you have—because each of my tales has a little bit of you in it, and hopefully that glimpse of yourself in a different light will inspire you to begin writing the story you want to live. But it wasn’t always this way. I was inspired to change by this sentence.

Rewrite your destiny.

Have you heard that before? Maybe you sat down at your laptop or got out your gluestick and magazines and began to plan out your Dream Life. But something stopped you. Not something — someone — You.

Don’t beat yourself up. Like everyone else, I totally screwed up my Real Life right from the beginning, mostly because I thought I didn’t have control over it and secretly didn’t want to take credit for such a mess. But, in the middle of it all, a tiny, strident voice echoed in my brain;

“’Scuse me. Am I the only one who has noticed that this is NOT working?”

I looked back on the failed relationships, the low paying job, and the lack of self esteem that littered my past and present. I grudgingly had to admit the voice was right and began (in earnest this time) to create a new destiny. One that involved impossible dreams (Ha! chided my jaded mind) , lofty goals (Too much work. sneered my low expectations), and the creation of a love interest (yup, had a really good time dreaming up this guy) . I read my new story every day, dreamed about it every night, and told my friends and coworkers about it.

I delved into Eastern Philosophy, Raja Yoga, Tarot, and Spirituality in search of a light to guide the way. I kept what worked for me, discarded the rest, and finally emerged at peace with myself and the world. To my surprise, things started to change. I began to believe my story. I began to believe in myself and my destiny started to change. At last, doors began to open, serendipitous events started to happen, toxic people left and authentic people arrived, and, yes, dream guy showed up too.

Think it’s too good to be true? It all happened. But it took time. All good things take time, but nothing will happen if you don’t take the first step.

Tell me about rewriting your destiny and I’ll keep you posted about mine. We’re in this together. My story continues to be a work in progress, but much of it has left the dream world and become reality. So, don’t give up.

Oh, and dream guy? He’s still right here beside me.


Jeanine Lipp is an author, art educator, and artist who lives in the natural beauty and breathtaking grandeur of the Pacific Northwest and writes fiction that inspires others to seek out the wisdom of their own heart, remain open to serendipitous opportunities, and to follow their dreams.

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I’ve found inspiration for my stories in the most unusual places: from an old memory of hiding from my sister in a closet to kayaking with my husband on Portage Bay, and once, beneath a table at a diner while picking up my dropped napkin. You never know when the muse will strike.

By day, I write allegorical stories rooted in fairlytales that inspire others to seek out their gifts and use them to create a life based on their passion. But, by night my guilty pleasure is reading and writing Horror Flash Fiction. I love to cozy up under the covers and read a spine tingling tale while the rain pelts against my windowpane. Or write about something quite ordinary that becomes extraordinary with a Twilight Zone twist.

I live with my spouse, Dream Guy (an Archaeologist — mild mannered and completely ethical Indiana Jones — when I met him) and two adorable doxies. Dachshunds are known for their stubborn personality and entertaining antics. Cosmo is playful, comical, and a genius at entertaining himself for hours by figuring out a way to toss and chase his own ball. Shy is a sweet, damaged rescue dog who only wants to sit on my lap for hours and take long walks. She is my adoring puppy puppet whose tongue perpetually droops from her mouth because all of her teeth had to be removed. I give her all the love she never had.

I meditate every morning, opening my mind and heart, gearing myself up for another day of pouring out my imagination on paper or teaching art to young children. I believe that with the help of meditation, my books freely write themselves. It is the editing that takes time and help from my editor. With teaching, meditation centers me for the multitude of questions and vying for attention I receive from my students. My goal is to listen, find out the child’s potential, and slowly bring it out. The trick with teaching the arts is that the students don’t necessarily need to know they’re learning, only that they’re walking through an open door that leads to more open doors. Pedantic teaching kills the spirit of discovery and stifles the imagination. One of the mottos I teach in my class is “Make Your Mistake Great.” Before you throw away that drawing, turn it around and try to find a way to make that mistake part of your picture. Many of my mistakes were turned into something that improved my art. This lesson can be used in real life too. When you make a mistake, learn from it, try to look at it in a different light, and see if you can make into something great.